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Hotels Daily Arrival Land Only
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Posada Real (AI) Apr 18 – Dec 15, 2022 $499
Tesoro Los Cabos (BB) Apr 1 -Oct 6, 2022 $416
Tesoro Los Cabos (BB) Oct 7 – Dec 15, 2022 $478
Subject to availability we reserve the right to change your request to another hotels the same category

DÍA 1      LUNES               GLASGOW    
Llegada a Glasgow y traslado al hotel. Alojamiento

DÍA 2      MARTES            GLASGOW – BELFAST
Desayuno en el hotel y visita de la ciudad de Glasgow. Conoceremos el centro de la capital financiera de Escocia y descubriremos la influencia de arquitectos como Charles Mackintosh. A continuación, pasaremos por George Square, la Catedral, la Universidad, el Ayuntamiento y el río Clyde, protagonista de la Revolución Industrial. Tiempo libre y salida hacia el puerto de Cairnryan para tomar el ferry hacia Belfast, capital de Irlanda del Norte. Llegada a Belfast y alojamiento.

Desayuno y visita panorámica de Belfast para conocer los barrios católicos y protestantes de la ciudad y sus famosos murales, pasaremos por su centro histórico, el Ayuntamiento, la Queen’s University, la Torre del Reloj o los astilleros donde se construyó el famoso Titanic. Tiempo libre. A continuación, visitaremos una de las principales atracciones de Irlanda del Norte, La Calzada de los Gigantes o las cuarenta mil columnas mágicas, designada por UNESCO como Patrimonio de la Humanidad. Continuaremos hacia Derry, la única ciudad totalmente amurallada de Irlanda y una de las más bellas. Alojamiento.

DÍA 4   JUEVES                DERRY – GALWAY
Desayuno y salida hacia la República de Irlanda, para conocer el Parque Nacional de Connemara, una de las áreas mejor conservadas del país y con un gran patrimonio paisajístico que lo convierte en uno de los lugares preferidos por muchos irlandeses. Visitaremos la Abadía de Kylemore, conocida como el Taj Majal irlandés. Continuaremos nuestro recorrido a través de un bello paisaje de lagos hasta llegar a la ciudad de Galway, conocida como la ciudad de las tribus, debido a las 14 prósperas tribus que la dominaron durante la Edad Media. Aquí podremos descubrir el origen de los famosos pubs irlandeses y ver la última Catedral Católica levantada en Irlanda en 1965. Alojamiento.

DÍA 5      VIERNES           GALWAY – CORK                                              Desayuno y salida al sur de la isla, visitando los famosos Acantilados de Moher que ofrecen incomparables vistas sobre el Océano Atlántico y lugar protegido por la UNESCO. Continuaremos hacia la pintoresca población de Adare, conocida como uno de los pueblos más bonitos de Irlanda, con sus casas con tejados de paja, hermosos edificios de piedra y monasterios medievales. A continuación, nos adentraremos en el condado de Kerry para visitar el Parque Nacional de Killarney, donde la combinación de bosques, lagos y cascadas lo convierte en un escenario único. Paseo en barco de una hora por el lago en Killarney. Seguiremos hasta Cork, ciudad construida sobre el agua y una de las principales productoras de whisky. Alojamiento.

DÍA 6      SÁBADO         CORK – KILKENNY -DUBLÍN                                       
Desayuno y salida hacia Dublín, pasando por Cashel, donde destaca el conjunto medieval de Rock of Cashel, uno de los símbolos de Irlanda. Proseguiremos hacia Kilkenny, conocida como “la Ciudad de Mármol”, donde realizaremos una breve parada para pasear por la de la ciudad. Continuación hacia Dublín y alojamiento.

Desayuno y visita panorámica de la ciudad, para descubrir su historia, mitos y leyendas. Para finalizar visitaremos la fábrica de cerveza más famosa del mundo: Guinness Storehouse, incluso podremos aprender a servir una pinta de Guinness perfectamente, al estilo irlandés. Alojamiento.

DÍA 8      LUNES              DUBLÍN
Desayuno y traslado al aeropuerto.

Posada Real (AI)
Tesoro Los Cabos (BB)
Subject to availability we reserve the right to change your request to another hotels the same category

Before You Go

Although most of the planning and preparation is taken care of for you, there are still a few things you should know and some details you should take care of to ensure your comfort, safety and peace of mind. Please review the following information before your departure to ensure that any surprises along the way will only be pleasant ones.

Passports and Visas

It is each traveler’s responsibility to have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the dates of travel and a visa if required. IMPORTANT: Passengers who are not U.S. citizens must check with the respective consulate or a visa agency to determine what personal identification is required. Passengers who enter, leave and then re-enter the same country on their itinerary should check if they require a double-entry visa. Passport applications are available at most U.S. Post Offices, as well as at regional Passport Agencies. Passengers requiring visas, whether obtained in advance or locally upon arrival, should ensure that their passport has blank pages.

Traveling with Family or Friends

If you are traveling with friends or family who are booked on another reservation, please make sure that we are aware. On occasion, we may operate more than one vehicle on your tour departure in which case we will ensure that guests will be assigned together. This is achieved by connecting your reservations before your departure. Once you arrive in your destination, it may not be possible to make assignment changes.

Trip – Preparation

A little pre-planning can make your trip go a lot smoother. Several weeks before your trip, make a list of what you will need to take with you. Make sure your personal documents (passports, visas, driver’s license) are in order. Make sure also that you have enough prescription medications to last through the trip and carry them with you in case your luggage is delayed. Bring a change of clothes in your carry on bag in the event that your luggage is delayed or lost. We suggest that you make photocopies of passports, visas, personal ID and any other important travel documents and pack them separately from the originals. You may also make a digital copy of your passport to keep a clear picture with the important details in your cell phone or digital camera photos. If you lose the originals while traveling, you’ll have copies for easier reporting and replacement. Pack a list of medications including dosage and generic names. You may consider bringing a small supply of over the counter medications for headaches and/or anti-diarrhea pills (especially when traveling outside of the USA and Western Europe). We recommend that you pack a portable alarm clock. Due to security reasons, many museums have restrictions on the size of bags that can be taken inside and backpacks, carry-on bags or large purses may not be permitted. It is recommended to bring a small shoulder bag or purse to use in these situations instead. Avoid placing valuables such as cameras in your checked luggage. Airplane pressure can cause similar pressure in your body, most notably in ears, as well as liquid tubes and bottles. Your physician can suggest medication for decongestion. We suggest that you place liquid containers into Ziploc bags to catch any leaks.

Travel Advice: The safety of our guests is our 1’s #1 concern. Before making the decision to reserve your vacation, we want you to be aware of potential situations which may impact your holiday. While most of the time our programs run precisely according to plans, on rare occasion force majeure events including weather, transportation mechanical issues, or uninhabitable accommodation, civil unrest and even criminal or terrorist activities will present themselves unexpectedly and with little or no notice. Dalatour will make the decision to cancel a tour only after receiving verifiable government issued information. We are otherwise obliged to comply with contractual airline and vendor agreements and carry out the tour until or unless we are advised otherwise. In the event of such an occurrence anytime after your date of departure, Dalatour and the local destination ground staff, in coordination with government advisories, airlines, hotels, cruise ships and other vendors, will make decisions with regard to your safety first. We strongly recommend that tour participants review the destination country’s specific information at

Travel Protection

We recommend that you help protect yourself and your investment by purchasing Travel Protection for your trip. Travel Protection can help with medical coverage for illness or injury, trip cancellation and/or interruption, baggage loss, medical evacuation, and more. At any time before you complete Final Payment, you may choose to purchase Travel Protection. The protection plan premium is non-refundable after a 10-day review period. In addition, you must be medically able to travel at the time the premium is paid.

Staying Healthy While Traveling

All travelers should familiarize themselves with local conditions, such as high altitude or required immunizations, which could affect their health. We recommend you consult with your personal healthcare provider, the Centers for Disease Control ( and/or the World Health Organization ( for their recommendations.

There are several easy steps you can take to stay healthy while traveling which may help prevent contracting an illness while away from home.

  • Watch what you eat. Try new foods in modest quantities, and depending upon your destination, you may want to avoid street foods, salad bars, raw vegetables and fruits, unless they have thick peels like bananas or grapefruit.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink bottled water and avoid consuming ice cubes made with tap water.
  • If you have allergies to foods, medications or insect bites, or have any other unique medical issues, consider a medical alert bracelet and/or a physician’s note detailing required treatment should you become ill.
  • Wash your hands regularly and carry hand sanitizer.
  • Where appropriate, pack sunscreen and insect repellent (for both active and warm destinations).
  • You may also want to bring a small first-aid kit with bandaids, antibiotic cream, pain killers, bug bite cream, digestive aids like antidiarrheal or anti-bloat medications, antacids, and cold medicine. This is in addition to any prescription medications which should be adequate for the entire trip.

Notice on Aircraft Cabin Insecticide Treatment – Please note that some countries may require aircraft cabin insecticide treatment for in-bound foreign flights. A list of such countries is available at:

Consideration for Tour Participants (Escorted Tours)

For the benefit of all tour participants, we ask tour members to be considerate of their fellow travelers in the following ways:

  • Respect tour departures times to avoid delay and loss of sightseeing opportunities
  • Avoid attire with political or religious messages that may offend other travelers
  • Respect your fellow passengers. Guests come from all walks of life and varied lifestyles. Please refrain from topics of conversation which might cause offense, such as religion and politics
  • Refrain from conversation or talking on mobile phones while commentary is in progress
  • Respect the mandatory seat rotation policy on the coach
  • Make use of the available hand sanitizer on the coach to support a healthy environment
  • Seek approval before taking photographs of other tour participants

Climate & Clothing

Mexico – You may encounter mosquitoes in both urban and rural areas, especially during wet seasons. Travelers are encouraged to bring insect repellent and consider wearing clothing that adequately covers arms and legs.

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